Privacy Policy

I. About this Privacy Policy

Taking into account the confidentiality and security of your personal data, through this privacy policy, we inform you of the reasons, purpose and methods of processing your personal data and also the means by which we ensure that these records regarding your data are protected in a responsible manner and in full compliance with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

Your privacy is a priority for our company, and this document is intended to inform you about the processing of your personal data collected by using the website and by placing orders through our platform.

In the relations between Medvis Care and you, as Beneficiary, in the sense of GDPR, we operate as a personal data operator.

Medvis Care respects the right to intimacy and privacy regarding the processing of personal data of every person who visits this site. We fully comply with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

This document defines the information that Medvis Care can collect and the way in which this information can be processed. The document gives you information in case you do not want your personal data to be collected when you visit the website.

II. Data protection

Medvis Care complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

User's rights

As a user of the platform, you have the following rights:

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, as data subjects, you have the following rights:

• The right to be informed (art. 12-13): Informing the data subject about the categories of data collected, purpose, recipients, transfer.
• The right of access to data (art. 15): The data subject can request access to his/her data to check whether the processing is justified.
• The right to rectify the Data (art. 16): The data subject can request the rectification of the data if they are processed incorrectly.
• The right to be forgotten (art. 17): When the processing is no longer justified or when the data subject has withdrawn his consent.
• The right to restrict processing (art. 18) The data subject can request the restriction of the data used or the transfer of data.
• Data portability (art. 20): The data subject has the right to request data portability between Operators.
• The right to object (art. 21): The right of the data subject to object or oppose certain types of processing
• The right to oppose profiling (art. 21): The data subject has the right not to be subject to a profiling process when it is based on automatic processing.
• The right to address the National Authority for the Supervision of the Processing of Personal Data and/or the judicial bodies, in case:

1. You consider that Medvis Care has violated your rights to collect and process personal data, provided by Law no. 677/21.11.2001.

2. You consider that you have suffered a loss as a result of the inadequate processing of your personal data.


Deleting or withdrawing your personal data will render impossible the providing of our services;

The refusal regarding the processing of personal data leads to the possibility of not receiving information about possible promotions or news related to our services;

The written, dated and signed requests that we receive from you regarding the exercise of the mentioned rights will be resolved in no more than 15 days from the date of their receipt.

Medvis Care Obligations

The following fall under the responsibility of Medvis Care:

• Protecting your personal data, using the necessary security methods;
• Notifying the authorities if your personal data has been compromised, within 72 hours of the incident;
• The obligation to obtain your consent regarding the processing of personal data;
• Explaining the specific need for processing personal data;
• The obligation to inform you about how your personal data will be used;
• Responding to your requests to edit, delete or export personal data;
• Facilitating your access to your personal data, following the request.

Details regarding the user's access to personal data

You can request access to your personal data by contacting us at the email address, calling the phone numbers displayed on the website or using the contact form.

Purposes and grounds for data processing

1. If you are a simple user-visitor of the website, Medvis Care processes your personal data only through IT information, in order to monitor traffic and improve your experience on the website, and you can read the Cookie Policy  for further information. This site uses cookie files that automatically record details of your visit regarding: location, pages visited on the site, duration of visit, number of accesses, how you arrived at the site. All this information is useful to us to personalize and improve your experience on the site and the information we provide for you on the site. If you do not want this information to be recorded, you can disable the cookies in your browser.

Grounds: The processing of your data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest of Medvis Care to ensure the functionality of the website in optimal parameters, as well as to permanently improve the experience of website visitors.

Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. Refusal to provide data for this purpose will have no negative consequences for you.

2. When you choose to benefit from any of the Medvis Care services through this webite, by registering in the platform and respectively by completing the form, you provide us with personal data such as:

• Identity data (name, surname);
• Date of birth;
• Contact data (email address/es, phone numbers)
• Data obtained after accessing the Medvis Care online platforms (such as the online identifier of people who access one or more of Medvis Care's Sites or pages; the identifier is processed for the purposes mentioned in the Cookie Policy related to the respective page/Site);
• Preferences in relation to types of services and products;

Grounds: The processing of your data for this purpose is necessary for the conclusion and execution of a contract.

Thus, if you choose to contract the services offered by Medvis Care, you must first express your consent to the processing of data for this purpose by checking the box "I have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the site.",  prior to submitting the form to us.

Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. The refusal to provide consent for the processing of your data for this purpose, as well as the refusal to provide consent regarding the terms and conditions (checking the previously mentioned boxes) will result in your obligation to leave the site and, as a consequence, the objective impossibility of Medvis Care to provide you the services presented on the site, as well as to establish a contractual relationship with you.

3. Your data may also be used to manage relations between Medvis Care and its beneficiaries, including but not limited to sending messages with information and offers regarding our services and/or products, in accordance with the law, to invite you to events and dedicated programs, to promote services and/or products or associated activities; you may receive newsletters and digital reports related to the sites you have accessed.

Moreover, your data will also be processed for the management of notifications/complaints in relation to our services, in order to be able to resolve any reported issues, respectively to be able to improve our products and/or services.

Grounds: Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary and operates on the basis of consent.

How Medvis Care collects personal data

Medvis Care will not automatically collect any information that allows the identification of platform visitors. Voluntary provision of information will be considered your express consent for personal data to be used by Medvis Care in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

If you do not want your data to be collected, please do not provide it to us.

Personal data collected

The collected data that do not allow the identification of visitors are the following:

• information about web pages visited (URL, page title)
• information about the number of visits made on a web page
• information about the time spent on a web page and on the website
• information about the browser used
• real-time information about the number of visitors and the pages visited
• information about the device used at the time of the visit (PC, smartphone, tablet, other terminals)
• information about the operating system used during the visit to the website
• general information about visitors (selected language, location based on IP, but the IP itself is not collected)
• information about the actions carried out on the website

Collected data that allows identification

• name, data from the ID card, company identification data, email, phone, address, social media profiles
• the name of the domain or domain host from which the user connected to the website
• messages with data sent through contact forms and email addresses
• identification data provided during the provision of medical services at home

Means of data collection

We can collect personal data by the following means: the contact form on the website, by email, by phone, during home visits or through social networks.

How we use personal data

Medvis Care uses personal data for:
• identification of the patient and his/her needs;
• sending correspondence by electronic means (messages / emails / phone calls) with the aim of simplifying the communication process between Medvis Care and the patient;
• promotional communication and service offers;
• ensuring a good interaction between the Medvis Care representative and the patient;
• invoicing the services rendered.

When you send us your personal data, it can be used for the following stated purposes, unless otherwise specified:

• storing and processing that information that allows us to improve the quality of the products or services offered;
• using the information provided to contact you, in order to respond to a request you have made or to offer you the requested services;

Where the data is saved

Personal data are saved on the company's servers / computers, in personal data management applications, in applications that access the email service and in billing and payment systems.

Security of personal data

Your personal data is secured on computers with installed and updated anti-virus programs. At the same time, we use management applications that have advanced security systems integrated.

Who can access personal data

The entities that have access to your personal data are the Medvis Care company, through the applications and the website, the Medvis Care staff, the partner companies that help us process the personal data.

Storing personal data

Medvis Care will process your personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the processing purposes mentioned above. Your personal data provided by using our services, as well as by filling in the forms mentioned above, will be deleted from our system within 2 years from the moment the purpose of the contract has been fulfilled.

Data necessary from a fiscal point of view will be kept for the period provided by law (Personal data used for invoicing, in accounting or in management systems are kept for 5-10 years, according to MFP Order no. 2634/2015).

We inform you of your right to request the deletion of your personal data from our records, subject to the situations provided by applicable legislation. Medvis Care will delete your data as soon as you request it through one of the channels provided. The applicable exceptional situations will be communicated to the requester through the response sent to him/her by our company in connection with the data deletion request.

Information about minors

Medvis Care does not intend to collect personal data from minor persons. Wherever the case may be and whenever it deems necessary, Medvis Care will provide instructions to minors not to provide such personal data and/or will take the necessary measures to ensure the existence of parents' or legal guardians' consent, in the event of such provision of personal data.

Parents or legal guardians must take note of the fact that the Privacy Policy governs the use of personal data by Medvis Care, but that all data voluntarily provided by minors in communication (email, phone, website form) or discussion forums could be used by third parties to generate unsolicited messages.

Medvis Care offers medical services to minors only under legal conditions, with the consent and presence of a parent or legal guardian.

Other important information

The confidentiality policy is recognized as an integral part of any contract to be concluded between Medvis Care and the user or beneficiary/patient. Any signed and/or stamped contract represents acknowledgment and acceptance of this Privacy Policy, as well as consent regarding the processing of personal data, in accordance with the laws in force.

The privacy policy can be updated according to the new legislative regulations. We invite you to consult this page frequently to be aware of the latest updates of the Privacy Policy on the platform.

Last updated: August 2022.

The privacy policy is part of the general terms and conditions of use of the website You can also find information about the cookie policy and the online collection methods of personal data here .

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